A Technical Run Down On Jamie’s Show

Super talented jazz-pop singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Cullum is on the road again with great flair around the UK and Europe with an equally stylish lighting design by Hadyn Thomas.

The moving lights are all Robe, supplied along with the rest of the lighting equipment by Leeds, UK, based Zig Zag Lighting.

Thomas has been a big Robe fan ever since he started using the brand back in 2004, so it was a “no brainer” when it came to spec’ing the rig!

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“Robe has always been very reliable and offered plenty of creative options,” he states.

His show for Cullum, for whom he’s worked – initially as a dimmer tech – since 2004, is a fabulous blend of elegance and cool to match Cullum’s dynamic performance which has won him massive popular success amidst great critical acclaim.

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