352 Lux Magazine Competition – Win tickets to Jamie Cullum concert on 15th November, plus meet & greet, & signed copy of his latest CD/DVD @jamiecullum

The long awaited Jamie Cullum concert comes to Luxembourg on Monday 15th November and 352LUXMAG is giving you the chance to win a pair of tickets, as meet and greet and even a signed copy of his new CD/DVD!

Tripping the light fantastic – Jamie Cullum

For the purists, Jamie is like a young boy pawing at his grandfather’s gramophone, a musical device long forgotten, nestled in the corner of a dusty room. There’s a whiff of respect, a gentle nudge of acknowledgement that suggests that Jamie’s heart is in the right place, but maybe, just maybe, he should be leaving this kind of stuff to the bigger boys.

Throughout Cullum’s career he’s had to deal with scoffing and sneering and each and every time he’s come out on top. Last year’s The Pursuit is a defining moment in his career, it embraces traditional and pop genres and sees Cullum experiment further with his range. “It was the right time for me to take myself out of my comfort zone, and to push myself to be bolder,” Cullum says of the album “I wanted to build on the things I’ve already done, but I also wanted to reinvent myself.”

Remember that Cullum has sold nearly 4 million albums up until now, hardly small potatoes. In fact, he is still the biggest selling British Jazz artist of all time. He can try something new if he so chooses: “I like that this album journeys from a big-band track at the start to a proggy house/dance track at the end, because it’s all me” Cullum notes. “But if the only thing that people notice is that this album is stylistically all over the place, then I will feel I have failed in some way.”

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Taking a call from what we hope to be a cab ride through London’s busy streets, 352LuxMag finally gets to chat with the revolutionary musician, the music talent show panelist, one time Clint Eastwood collaborator and father-to-be. There’ve been a couple of reschedules and despite mobile phone connections being at their most unforgiving the conversation is free-flowing, anecdotal and, although there’s a suspicion of PR coaching, frank and detailed. A passionate musician at the top of game isn’t going to let chin-stroking musos get him down.

After all it’s the heart that matters, right?

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