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Pursuing Jamie
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LOOKING impishly young for his age, 30-year-old Jamie Cullum is under the limelight not only for the release of his long-awaited album – The Pursuit, but also for his impending marriage to fiancée Sophie Dahl, supermodel, author and granddaughter of Roald Dahl, next year.

The first album to be released by Cullum after a four year hiatus, The Pursuit is definitely partly inspired by  Dahl, seeing as he named it after his fiancée’s favourite book, a 1940s classic novel by Nancy Mitford called The Pursuit of Love. 

“I really have always found that whatever is happening in your life at a moment is influencing what you’re doing.  Part of the thing about being really in love with someone is that it holds a magnifying glass up to everything about your life. 

“It forces you to look at yourself more, to look at what you’re doing more – because now it’s affecting someone else. So, yeah, I’d say that falling in love definitely inspired me,” said

Cullum in an interview with the Daily Record.co.uk.

One track to look out for in this album would probably be Mixtape. Featuring Dahl’s voice as backup vocals

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along with Cullum’s parents, brother and pals, it’s practically a song by family and friends. 

Starting out his musical career with jazz, Cullum’s current album has more noise and gears toward rock-n-roll,

which probably explains why there is an exploding piano on his album cover 

However, he asserts that The Pursuit will still be no less jazzy, it’s just a more playful and fun take he has had

with the recording of the album. 

For fans craving to find out the extent of his creativity with the new album, waste no time. The Malay Mail and Universal Music will be giving 10 lucky fans a copy of The Pursuit.

All you have to do is tell us which novel Jamie Cullum’s album is named after and email it to umusic1@ gmail. com with your name, contact number and address with the header The Malay Mail / Universal Music Jamie Cullum The Pursuit contest and tell us in 20 words or less, why you deserve the album.

Contest ends tomorrow at 9am, so hurry with your entries!


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