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This album came out on November 9 2009. I tried 3 independent record shops in Soho to get a copy last week, but they didn’t have it. I managed to buy two copies from the HMV on Oxford Street. I popped it on the laptop when I got home, nice and gentle. I had never heard a Jamie Cullum album before. Apparently, this is number 3. It is released by Decca.

It is so good that I cannot, forgive the stupid pun, Stop The Music.


I wonder how many times more I can listen to it without needing to hear another track. I haven’t heard a single live Paul Weller anything for best part of a week now. I can’t even find a typo on the sleeve notes. According to my mate Dan, aka lovely man in the deli, Cullum is a good bloke. Never met him myself and certainly don’t need to but I will be buying a few more copies for Crimbo pressies. Legit ones, my mates will need to see the artwork to get the full The Pursuit experience.

I might just have one more watch of the video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0z1Mo7O6dE

Only seen it once so far – he blows up a piano. It is so danceable I even put the album on my iphone. The sound quality is quite good. If you see a lady quietly jigging along around town, doing a few discreet dance moves, it could well be me with The Pursuit on full steam ahead on the iphone. Please do not talk to me unless you really have to because I probably need to hear some of those tracks again. I might even end up being able to work out how to use my iphone. I was going to re[lace my iphone with a crackerberry thing, but now I access to The Pursuit on it, I don’t think I will bother.

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I am quite surprised I never took the time to check out the Jamie Cullum man before. He’s got taste in tailoring as well. Please Don’t Stop The Music, it is bleedin; gorgeous.

I do recommend a listen. I wouldn’t bother buying a moody copy though. The genuine article is reasonably priced (£9.99 I think it was). Get them while they’ve still got stock, I say

And another

Cullum somehow makes the ordinary entertaining Jamie Cullum: The Pursuit (Decca)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Jamie Cullum continues to plough his furrow as the jazz musician for people who don’t like jazz. Big-hearted in scope, skin-tinglingly glossy in tone, fourth solo album The Pursuit bounces along on pop rhythms much more than it does jazz ones, despite Cullum’s fondness for rollicking ragtime and lashings of big band swing – the latter notably evident on robust covers of Just One Of Those Things and Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music. Yet the track Wheels (with its nimble piano arpeggios) wears its lighter-waving aspirations boldly on its sleeve, while Cullum’s voice is still pure pipsqueak, for all his efforts on the Sophie Dahl dedication Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down to pretend otherwise.

Cullum’s relentless energy is the redeeming factor here; somehow it makes a fundamentally uninteresting album a guiltily enjoyable one.


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