Madrid Gig Review

A decade long after show for the first time his rascal boy face, Jamie Cullum continues to divide the audience into two (unequal), those who admire and envy and those who, from jazz orthodoxy, we seek comprehensive fraud dangerous apostate. For the latter we have good news. So we moved last night in the crowded room But, Momentum , the fifth disc lad, just offers a blade of jazz and concentrates its efforts on the best white soul and pop contagiosísimo. Maybe it is time to renew the classification of heretics.

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The die-hards will still find, yes, a powerful allergen agent. And although Momentum not see the light until day 20, here’s the notice for taking on supplies of antihistamines. The Essex has dared Love for $ ale , and l Cole Porter classic, only turning it into meat club with a heavy bass and maquinero . It may be that the original author would have cost a serious annoyance, but it is perfectly unprovable hypothesis.

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