Jamie: Some guy thought I was Bruno Mars… so I went along with it

An exclusive from Alison Maloney

Jamie Cullum had a novel reason for choosing Locked Out Of Heaven as his Biz Session cover – he’d recently been mistaken for Bruno Mars.

The Essex-born singer dedicated the track to the man who mixed him up with the Hawaiian hitmaker as he checked in for a flight.
He said: “Some guy at the airport came up to me and went, ‘Hey, Bruno!’

“I was bit taken aback so I just went along with it and started singing Grenade.

“He was none the wiser, although he probably thought I was acting like an idiot.”

The 33-year-old jazzman – who has sold over 10 million records worldwide – couldn’t have been less of a diva when he popped into the studio.

So much so, he even made the tea.

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After handing out several mugs, Jamie got down to business – tinkling the ivories on new single Everything You Didn’t Do.

The third track he chose was Pure Imagination – famously sung by Gene Wilder in the Roald Dahl adaptation, Willy Wonka.
Although his missus is Dahl’s granddaughter Sophie, he insists the track – from new album Momentum – wasn’t chosen for the family connection.

He explains: “It would be a good story if that were the truth, but I’m a huge fan of the songwriter Anthony Newley and that’s just a beautiful song.

“I’ve been singing it for longer than I’ve known the Dahl family – but obviously it’s sung with a lot of respect to that world.

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