Jamie Cullum’s Travelling Life

Interview by Caroline Rees – The Telegraph

Jamie Cullum
Photo Credit: AP

How often do you travel?
I’m travelling all the time. I’ve just been to Holland, Spain, Germany and France. My wife [Sophie Dahl] and I like to travel and she has family in America so we go there. We also love to holiday in the UK. I went to Looe in Cornwall every year of my childhood and have fond memories of eating fish and chips and being in a rubber ring on a windy beach.

Best musical experience on your travels?
Definitely New Orleans. It wasn’t just the jazz, but the fact music was coming from everywhere. It’s a melting pot of musicians playing for the love of it. I went to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, which has a real sense of history and integrity.

Most adventurous travel experience?
Halfway through my degree, I met a Russian violin player at a Pizza Express in London (I used to pitch up there with my keyboard to earn extra money). Even though he didn’t speak a word of English, he invited me to St Petersburg the following summer to play with his band. I’ve been to far-flung places, but getting on that plane when I was 19, not really knowing who I was going to meet, felt really adventurous. I met someone who translated for me and I went to places that you wouldn’t see as a tourist – underground clubs, people’s houses, a special part of the Hermitage, a boat along the canal during the White Nights.

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