Jamie Cullum : ‘I’ve Never Been True To Jazz’

Jamie Cullum shot to fame in 2003 with his popular album Twentysomething and by the end of the year he was named the UK’s biggest-selling jazz artist of all time.

However, the star would argue that he is not a true jazz musician as his back catalogue dips in and out of a range of different genres.

Digital Spy caught up with Jamie following his move to Island Records to talk about his new collection Momentum and what we can expect from it.

Hi Jamie! This is your fifth album, so are you finding them easier or harder to write?
“That’s a really interesting question. I think it’s getting harder, I don’t think it’s getting any easier. I think it just gets different every time. Every time I go into the process, I think it’s going to feel familiar. Actually it never feels familiar. It might feel familiar slowly at the end of the process, when the track gets finished, trying which tracks to drop, which tracks to keep and trying to edit it down a bit. But it just feels different every time. I guess I’m always just trying to make albums in different ways.”

How would you say this record differs from previous albums?
“Well I think mainly, you know this album is a songwriter’s album. This is the first time I have made an album with this many of my own songs on. I think my safe place is half covered, half original. Safe place for me, safe place for my audience. The songs feel like they have more drama and honesty than any songs I’ve written before.”

You’ve previously said that the album tackles the crossover from youth to adulthood, so was it a reflective process making it?
“Yeah absolutely. I had to examine who I was, rather than who I am. Having kids makes you kind of put your flag in the ground of who you are and you’re gonna have to really decide what kind of example you’re gonna lead. And also having kids makes you experience everything a lot more intensely as well. It’s kind of good and the bad, you see the best of yourself, the worst of yourself, all those kinds of things.”

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