Interview with Jamie in Radio Times Magazine

Jamie Cullum: I’m not like Cowell

Radio Times magazine 21–27 August 2010

Jamie Cullum says he won’t be doing a Simon Cowell on his new TV talent show.

The jazz musician is a judge on Sky1’s Must Be The Music, along with Dizzee Rascal and Sharleen Spiteri, but he won’t be harsh with the hopefuls.

He told the Radio Times: “There were some terrible people, but I’m not a person who needs to tell another person that he’s rubbish. I’m a music nerd and if someone has the enthusiasm but sounds like s**t, I’d just rather nurture the enthusiasm.”

Jamie also revealed that he had hardly spent any time with “the missus” – new wife and cookery presenter Sophie Dahl, who he wed in January – because he has been so busy with work.

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He said: “It’s a learning process – not only being married but getting hold of what you want to do and what you can do and what suits the lifestyle that you want. And for me I knew it was important to play shows. But obviously I miss home.”

He added: “I really love being home. Really, deep down I’m a loafer. There’s nothing I like more than sitting around the house doing nothing. Sophie does too. And she’s a brilliant cook.”

He said the pair do not sit down to watch each other’s TV shows.

Jamie told the mag: “I think it’s one thing enjoying each other’s passions and success, but I think your personal life has to be about something more substantial.”

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