Esplanade Theatre Staff Forms Two Lines for Jamie Cullen Autograph Signing (Ire)

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There were two flashing red indicators that even though I had dutifully bought a Jamie Cullum CD and lined up in order for that same CD to be signed, there was a possibility that I would not have it autographed after The Pursuit Tour concert on 13 April 2010 at the Concert Hall.

First, the Esplanade Theatre staff had allowed a fork to form with what should have been a single line. Unfortunately, I was in one of the branches of that fork.

Second, a gentleman, presumably the manager of Jamie Cullum, agitatedly and repeatedly said, “No!” to a member of the ushering staff when he saw the long lines.

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When the line started moving, the other branch was allowed to go first, so that even though some of its members had arrived later than I did, they “cut” in front of me. And, as the fates would have it, the manager came back and told the ushering staff to stop the line with me.

I comforted myself with the fact that the hands of Jamie Cullum, which had produced magic with piano keys and had orchestrated a wonderful night, need not be bothered with signing my CD.


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