Daily Star Article On Proms: Jamie Night!! #bbcproms

Jamie Cullum night
27th August 2010

By BBC4, 7.30pm

HE strikes me as an awfully decent chap, does Jamie Cullum.

I realise his head is several sizes too big for his body, but I really don’t see why that’s relevant here.

What Jamie has famously done, musically speaking, over the course of his decade in the spotlight is blur some of the traditional boundaries, most notably between pop and jazz.

So I guess it’s not particularly shocking to find him performing his own late-night Prom, in tandem with the 40-piece Heritage Orchestra, a musical outfit with their own reputation for doing the unexpected. We’re promised a diverse selection of numbers (within reasonable limits, of course – don’t go expecting anything by Rage Against The Machine) plus a smattering of special guests. Suzy Klein presents.

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