Article – Cullum trades in jazz for dance

The Sun

JAMIE CULLUM has traded in his jazz hands for white gloves on his latest project. The singer has recorded a track with progressive house titan SANDER KLEINENBERG.

Cullum, who is married to model SOPHIE DAHL, lends his voice to the lead track Sanders’ new album entitled 5K called Remember When.

I’d say the track lends Jamie a bit of street cred in return.

And the pint-sized singer reckons he’s been a long-time fan of Kleinenberg.

He revealed: “I’ve watched Sander for many years from the dancefloor as a fan, so it was an absolute dream come true to work with him! He’s an amazing producer to work with.”

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I can’t quite picture Jamie having it large with the ravers in Ibiza, but fair play to him.

Jamie will be among partygoers at a bash at Boujis to launch the new album tonight, although he’ll be hard to spot as every guest is being issued with a Jamie Cullum mask on entry.

Sounds jazztastic…

5K by Sander Kleinenberg is released on November 8.

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